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Some common problems or myths that can affect you:

License and Insurance

It is often assumed that if a company is in business that they have Licensing and Insurance. The fact is that 85% of so called window cleaning companies do not! Leaving you with a huge liability. If you would like to see ours, just ask. We will glady provide you with copies.

Price Increase

Have you been a victim of receiving a low estimate so that you will commit to using a service only to find out the price slowly keeps going up or jumps up suddenly? We promise that the price that you agree to is the price you pay, period.

Customer Service

Are you tired of poor customer service and workmanship?
Please don't assume that all window cleaning companies have poor customer service. We take pride in giving the best possible service by showing up as scheduled and performing quality work.

Deionized Waterfed Pole Systems

I would like to start out by saying we have and use a Deionized Waterfed Pole System and it has proven to be a useful tool and does it's job well on the regular maitenance of exterior windows. A deionized water system, removes all impurities and gives the water a positive charge, providing streak free window cleaning. Some have claimed however, that this system is a premium service and are charging extra for it. They claim that you will not need to clean your windows as often, that it preserves the life of your glass, and that your windows will stay clean longer because of the positive charge. The facts are that while this is a very useful tool and works well on regular maintainenced glass it doesn't deep clean heavy build up, it doesn't even keep your windows clean longer (unless your using inferior cleaning products). The positive charge is gone when the water dries and the water is not preserving the life of your glass, the cleanliness is. The only way to keep your windows clean longer would be by treating them with a Rain-X treatment. A service that we provide. We do however, use deionized water in every bucket as it would not be good to clean your windows with the local hard water. Let me just state again that the deionized waterfed pole system does work well for regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your glass, no more no less.

Have peace of mind that we are fully insured and have a streak free guarantee!

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